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Take the most of Tennis with Fernandez Tennis Academy

We want you to explore, discover and enjoy all the possibilities that this wonderful sport can offer and help you to learn all the secrets of the game. We are specialist in teaching this beautiful sport with love, respect and knowledge and we are ready to welcome you, your family and friends. All it takes from you is the willingness to learn, relax, have a good time and our staff will do the rest. A big smile from you is our reward! At FTA you will meet new people through our events and tournaments for kids and adults.

Since 2013 we teach tennis successfully to players of all ages and levels. In our 3 tennis centers you will find the correct training program for you and your family, always provided by qualified professionals. Fernandez Tennis Academy is the largest Tennis Academy in Greece. Our main base is located at Pikermi Attika, with one more tennis center at Xalandri. From May 2021 you will find us also in our brand new tennis club in the beautiful island of Paros. Our goal is to provide high quality services with professionalism in a friendly environment that will always make you feel at home. Join our tennis community and have a happier life!

«Ταξίδεψα από το Μαϊάμι για να συμμετάσχω στo πρόγραμμα “FTA Summer Camp” και η εμπειρία ήταν φανταστική. Τα παιδιά μου λάτρεψαν πραγματικά το πρόγραμμα και το περιβάλλον στην Ακαδημία. Η FTA προσφέρει πολύ καλή εξυπηρέτηση και εκπαίδευση υψηλής ποιότητας”

Πεγκυ Βασιλοπουλου